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Revising the default logging level of Hexnode UEM app for AndroidSolved

Hexnode Expert
2 weeks ago

Android users… This is for you!

Any new tweaks shouldn’t catch you unawares.

We keep you posted on the default logging level of the Hexnode UEM app for Android which will be “Verbose” when the app is installed on the device and no longer beWarning“.

This change is also reflected on all brand-new Hexnode UEM portals which will now have the default logging level set to “Verbose”.

This logging level remains till the device enrolls, establishes a connection with the Hexnode portal, and syncs the settings you’ve set up under the policies (Android > Troubleshooting > Hexnode App Logs) or the Admin tab (General Settings > Hexnode App Logs).

Set up Hexnode UEM app logs settings from the portal

Suiting your requirements, you’re expected to make amendments to the logging level settings there.


Already an existing user? Got the hang of the Hexnode app logs for Android? No strings attached! You’re free to have it the way you’ve configured it! Yet we recommend changing it to ‘Verbose‘.

Do reach out to us in case you have any queries.

Happy Device Management!!
Catherine George
Hexnode UEM

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