Request: Allow Exclusion of certain Device groups from the "All Devices" View

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Request: Allow Exclusion of certain Device groups from the “All Devices” View so a user can organize and group devices more efficiently.

There’s a HUGE list of all devices.  it is unlikely I will ever need a list of all devices in one place, but if I did – this would be a great view.

It would be helpful to add the ability to exclude Device groups from the “All Devices view” so I can see all devices EXCEPT the ones who belong to a device group.  This way I can group those devices together or observe which devices belong to zero groups and then organize them.  Ideally just add a new filter and allow me to type the group names I want exclude (or included – there is also no good way to see “Group A and B and C devices”) from the filter.  this could be a “quick” way of displaying device groups, rather than forcing the user to go to the group tab.

Other related Question:

– How can I currently find any devices without a Policy associated to it?  I don’t think I can.  it’s the same problem – this change would help me manage a variety of groups and a bunch of devices.  It;s really disorganized and I only have 18 devices currently.

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    Hi Aaron,

    That was really insightful. I ran these features by our engineers and they have confirmed it’s doable. I just raised a new feature request. I’ll update you when we have an ETA.