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Remove APNS bannerSolved

3 years ago

Any way to remove that annoying blue banner asking to setup APNs? No apple devices to manage so no need for APNS.

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Hexnode Expert
3 years ago
Marked SolutionPending Review

Hello Espen,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

The banner is shown because the following dialog box that appears when you navigate to the Apple devices section of Enroll tab might have been closed without choosing the option “Not planning to enroll any Apple device”. Make sure that you select the option “Not planning to enroll any Apple device” and close the dialog box.

Set up APNs certificate


Permanently disable the banner by clicking the “Hide” button.

If you decide to enroll Apple devices, go to Enroll > Platform-specific > choose any enrollment methods given under Apple devices. You will be greeted with the following pop-up:

Pop up in enroll tab

Get the step-by-step instructions to set up the APNs certificate by following the link on that page.

Deborah Timothy
Hexnode UEM