Patches & Updates for Macs

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Ensuring that device operating systems, along with every app and service, remain up-to-date is crucial in device management, regardless of the platform. To enhance the update experience for macOS users, we’re introducing a new section of policies for macOS devices – Patches & Updates!

As the name suggests, this section will encompass various policies related to software updates and patch management. We’re excited to introduce the first policy in this section – Software Update Preferences.

This policy empowers IT admins to customize the update behavior for managed macOS devices. It offers options to configure automatic checks, downloads, and installations of OS updates, as well as automatic app updates, critical updates, configuration data, pre-release software, and more. Additionally, it allows for the deferral of software updates.

 Configure Patches & Updates policy for macOS devices

Explore each configuration in detail in our help doc on the Software Update Preferences policy. This marks just the beginning of patch management for Macs – stay tuned for more updates!

Safe patch management!

Chloe Edison
Hexnode UEM

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