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I have been assigned as the mdm manager in my company . I want to completely manage my samsung devices in Hexnode . also want to use only approved managed google play apps in android enterprise mode . I dont want to hve galaxy store…… all devices fully corporately owned …..
What do i do to make my devices fully corporately owned in enterprise (COBE mode) . should i use another account for enterprise managed google play ?

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    Hi @kendrick-addy,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    In order to operate your devices as Corporate Owned, Business Only (COBO), you’ll have to enroll them in Android Enterprise as Device Owner. The necessary enrollment procedures will be found at the bottom of Enroll > Platform-Specific > Android > Android Enterprise. I’ve attached a link to show you how you can enroll your Samsung devices in Android Enterprise as Device Owner, depending on your device’s Android version.

    On the subject of Managed Google Play Store, you’ll be able to approve apps by navigating to Apps > +Add Apps > Managed Google Apps. Here is a help document that provides instructions on how to push/approve Managed Google Play apps into Hexnode’s app inventory. Once approved, these apps will be ready to be pushed to the devices directly or by applying a policy.

    Moving on to Galaxy Store, the best option would be to blacklist the app. Navigate to Policies > Android > App Management > Blacklist/Whitelist, select the Blacklist filter and select Galaxy Apps (the app store for Samsung Galaxy devices). Here is a screenshot of the same for more clarity.

    Finally, to answer your question about using a separate account – Managed Google Play eliminates the need for users to use their Google accounts. For a device enrolled in Hexnode via Android Enterprise, users can use the managed account of the organization that is used for Android Enterprise.

    However, for extra security, in order to prevent users from accessing a separate Google Play account instead of the managed account, you can disable the Modify Accounts/Users option present in Policies > Android > Advanced Restrictions. This ensures that all loose ends will be tied up.

    We hope this was helpful. Please get back to us if you have any further queries.


    Patrick Zimmerman
    Hexnode UEM