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Hello guys, want to know if we can configure a policy to be a one time thing. When we deploy our devices to the employees, we initially set up general setting for the device like wifi networks, proxy setting etc. But for the developers and the testing team need to access these settings as their line of work demands it. Is there any way to apply the policies but not maintain them as a permanent configuration.

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    Johan Blake


    Hi @colten,

    Currently, Hexnode UEM does not provide the option to configure policies as a one-time feature. A workaround to this problem is to execute a custom command using the Execute Custom Script action. The configurations applied to the device by running the custom script will only be applicable to the device temporarily.

    Navigate to Manage > Devices > select the required devices > Actions > Execute Custom Script. Now, upload and execute a custom script containing all the settings to be configured initially. After the settings have been configured, users can presumably make changes according to their needs. Although, modifying some system settings may demand admin privileges.

    Hope that helps your question.
    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM