“Keychain cannot be found to store app” prompt while installing Mac app

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We were looking to deploy an app to our Macs with the dmg file. However, when the app is pushed, it shows the pop up ‘Keychain not found’. Clicking on Cancel, the Pop up appears again, when clicked Cancel again, the App finally gets installed.

But the pop up does not appear when the app is installed manually on the device.

Any specific reason for the pop up to appear only when pushed via MDM?

The macOS version on these devices is Big Sur.

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    Is this happening for all your Macs? It sounds like a device-specific problem that has something to do with the keychain. Each user has a default keychain for user login. The kind of error you mentioned could occur if –

    • The user’s password does not match the password of the login keychain (old password persisting in the keychain).
    • If the system found no login keychain (keychain not created during user creation).
    • Sometimes it might also occur when you change or reset the password from the login window.
    • The user is missing access permission to read and write to the Keychain/Application folder.
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    @opheli_a this is occurring for multiple devices. The password was never reset on these devices and the user account was created manually. We also tried the remote deployment with the pkg version of the installer and the error persists.

  • Hi @niklaus from what you have described, the issue might be caused by the app installation expecting some configuration settings deployed with the installer. Please check whether the developers of this application have provided an IT Admin’s version of the application for mass deployment. Such installers differ from the conventional installers; it allows IT Admins to include preconfigured settings while deploying the app. If such an installer exists for your application, the error could be resolved.

    Zach Goodman
    Hexnode UEM