Jail broken devices to be sorted

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Is there any ways to get the list of jail broken devices from the hexnode portal?



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    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    You can create a dynamic group with a filter that will list all the Jailbroken devices.
    For this navigate to Manage tab > Device Groups > New Dynamic Group. Add group name and description. Click on ‘+Add filter’. You can set the column group to ‘Compliance info’, column as ‘Jailbroken’ and the filter as ‘True’. You can click the ‘Save Group’ button and then a dynamic group with all the jailbroken devices enrolled in the portal will be created.
    Please note to enable the ‘Device is Jailbroken’ option under General Settings in the Admin tab before this dynamic group is created.
    To generate a report on the list of the jailbroken devices, please navigate to Reports > Compliance Reports > Non-compliant devices. Click on the edit icon below the search tab and check the ‘Jailbroken’ option to generate a report of Jailbroken devices. Click on the ‘Export’ button at the top to export this report as a PDF/CSV file.

    Please use the help link to know more about the creation of dynamic groups.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM