Is it possible to exit kiosk mode if password isn’t configured for it?

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Hello, if the password wasn’t configured for kiosk mode is it possible to exit kiosk mode? Only by admin

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    Hi Trudy,

    For Android devices, you can exit the kiosk mode locally using the kiosk exit password (local password). If
    you haven’t set a local password, you can use global password (Admin > MDM Settings) to exit from the
    Here is how you can set a local password to exit from kiosk.
    1. Log in to your MDM Console.
    2. Navigate to Policies. Click on the kiosk policy to edit an existing policy or New Policy to create a
    new one.
    3. Click on Android Settings > Kiosk Settings.
    4. Select Single App Mode if you want to lock down your devices into a single app or Multi App
    Mode if you want to restrict your devices to selective applications.
    5. Click on Kiosk Exit Settings and enter the password. Click on Save.
    6. Navigate to Policy Targets and add the device name(s) you wish to associate the policy to. Click
    on Save.

    In case the user has not set a kiosk exit password, he can use the global password to exit from the kiosk.
    Remember, you cannot use a global password if you have set your local password.
    For iOS devices, there is no provision to use passwords to exit kiosk mode. You can disable kiosk mode
    either by using Hexnode MDM or by using Apple Configurator.

    The video below explains how you can exit from Kiosk mode.


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