Is it possible Data Management Reports content certain break down format

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Hello Hexnode Community.

I seeking an MDM solution which capable to perform Data usage reports for enrolled user. At the moment Hexnode is 1 of the Vendor capable to generate reports for Data usage. However, regarding to information in the Hexnode Help section, the description just not in-depth enough for me to ensure it fully fulfil our needs.

The requirements are as follow.

1. Data Management reports should able to list out all the enrolled users and their devices

2. In the report, list out the Data usage in break-down format, instead of Summary. Which is similar to the layout in the Per-App Mobile Data Usage function mentioned in article below

3. Follows Point 2, the usage summary for Mobile Data and WiFi are separated.

Any comments are highly appreciate. Thanks in advance

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  • Hey KY Wong,

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    Hexnode lets you customize the data management configurations according to your business requirements. You can manage each device’s data usage or monitor and restrict each application’s Wi-Fi and mobile data usage separately.

    Here are the answers to your queries:

    1. You can navigate to Reports > Data Management Reports > Devices to view the list of devices, their associated users and the corresponding Wi-Fi and mobile data usage of each device.

      Data Management Report

    2. You can navigate to Reports > Data Management Reports > Apps to view the Wi-Fi and mobile data usage of each application separately. The associated device can also be found in the report.

      Data Management Report

    Hope this clears your query.

    Chris Coleman
    Hexnode UEM