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An account is synchronized with the DEP account in Apple and you see the devices on the hexnode website and also that I activate the iPad there is a message that it is a managed device. But it is possible to control the device and the site fails to perform any action on it

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    Eva Tyler


    Hi Netanel,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    For devices that are added to the Apple Business Manager account and synced to the Hexnode portal, the devices would be populated within the Admin tab > Apple Business Manager > Apple DEP > DEP devices.

    For a brand-new device, you can turn on the device and apply the remote management to complete the enrollment process. For a device already being used, you need to wipe the device in order to get it enrolled.

    Exceptions can occur where in some cases a brand-new device needs to be wiped in order to get it enrolled.

    Once the enrollment is complete, the devices will get listed within the Manage tab. Make sure that the first scan action is a success in order to confirm that the device is having an active communication with the Hexnode server. The device needs to have an active internet connection in order to manage them from the Hexnode portal.

    It would be great if you could elaborate a little more on the issue you are facing so that we can work on the root cause of the same.

    Eva Tyler,
    Hexnode MDM