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Hi Guys. A device is inactive means what does that normally refer to?

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    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us. Happy to help.

    Inactive devices are the ones that are not scanned into the  Hexnode MDM application for a particular number of days. The number of days here is a configurable option under Admin–>General Settings.
    The device status is Inactive when Hexnode app is running on the device and the device is not communicating with the Hexnode server.
    The device might be inactive because if the device is in any of the following scenarios.
    –>The device is switched off for a long period of time. When the device is switched off, it can no longer communicate with the server and hence the device status becomes inactive.
    –> The device is in Idle mode for a longer period. In the idle mode, the device no longer communicates with the server and hence it enters the Inactive mode.
    –> The user is running the device in Safe Mode. In safe mode, all the third-party apps are disabled and hence  Hexnode app will not function and the device will enter the Inactive mode.
    –>Hexnode app is uninstalled from the device
    –> There is no internet connectivity. In this case, the device can no longer communicate with the server and hence status changes to inactive.
    Please refer to the help link for further reference on the same.



    Grace Baker

    Hexnode MDM