How to manage different policy settings?

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how do you configure settings for different people? I have a default settings policy profile which I apply to all my students but I want to add extra restrictions for some students…
but what will happen if I select a restriction and deselect it in another one and apply both policies at the same time? Will the student get the policy or will it be cancelled. I want to add extra seperate restriction for some students only but have default settings profile added for everyone so I don’t have to keep selecting and de selecting…..

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    Hey Cipta,

    Thanks for reaching out! To answer your question, if you apply two contradicting policies, the most restrictive policy would be applied. Let’s take, for example, a situation where you have applied two policies – the Camera restriction enabled in one and the same disabled in the other. In this case, the policy that disables Camera, which is the more restrictive policy, would be given preference.

    In order to reduce confusion and time, we’d recommend you to set up specific policy profiles for different scenarios, along with your general policy profile, to apply whenever you deem fit. You’ll find it’s much easier than selecting/deselecting individual restrictions to fit certain students. We hope this was helpful to your situation. Please get back to us if you have any further queries.


    Patrick Zimmerman
    Hexnode UEM