How to enable work profile only inside office

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Is there a way to enable work profile only inside our office? Maybe say when a device connects to the office wi-fi. The users should not access work data outside the office.

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    Zach Goodman


    Hi @Pearl, there is no dynamic way to enable and disable work profile on the go with Hexnode. However, the end-user may enable or disable the work profile manually on the device by toggling the work container on the Android launcher or from the Quick Settings drop-down.

    toggle the work profile on/off in Android

    However, if your requirement is to enable work-related data and configurations dynamically inside your workspace, then you can configure a profile to be applied when a device enters your workspace. You may configure files to be available, apply device restrictions automatically or have the device connect to your office wi-fi on entering the office premise. This can be done with Hexnode’s geofencing and dynamic grouping features.

    Note: You must enable location tracking on the device and location service must be active on the device, in order to proceed with this workflow.

    Follow these steps in order to implement a location-aware dynamic policy –
    Step 1: Create a geofence. Navigate to Admin tab and from the Geofencing sub-tab, create a geofence including your workspace location.
    Step 2: Create a dynamic group. Here, you should configure the grouping to include devices located within your geofence.
    Keep in mind that first, the location of the device has to be logged on Hexnode before the device is updated on the dynamic group list. For this reason, configure the location tracking settings for your device according to your requirements. The dynamic group list will be automatically synced at a set frequency as per your subscription plan.
    Step 3: Associate your policies with the dynamic group.

    Now your policies will be dynamically associated on devices entering your workspace and removed when they leave.

    This is a suggestion. Please validate your case before considering implementation.

    Hope I could help.
    Zach Goodman
    Hexnode UEM

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    Hi Zach, that is a cool workflow ?.

    But under policy general settings there is option to disable work profile. I think we can also use that. Mark non-compliant when device is outside office (using geofence, like you said) and that will deactivate the work profile.