How much battery will hexnode app drain

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Hey guys. Our company has been using android phones for our employees. I’d like to know how much battery the hexnode app uses in a day. Want to know how long our employee devices will last if we are running just a few apps throughout the day.

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    I tested my samsung A32 with the hexnode app. It used around 1% of the battery capacity in an hour. After a whole day, it used around 13% of the battery. This is a rough estimate of my usage.

  • Hey @bethzy ,
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    Tracking the battery usage of the Hexnode app may not be as accurate or have a general value for all users. The reason is that the app consumes battery depending on the policies applied to the device. For example, policies like location tracking and periodic syncing of the Hexnode app can drain more battery than other smaller restrictions applied.

    The capacity of the battery will also affect the battery drain calculation. Devices with bigger batteries will drain slower when compared to smaller batteries.

    Hope that helps with your query.
    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM

  • I calculated the variation in battery usage with and without the hexnode for work app. After 1hr, the device without the hexnode app had reached 98%, while the other had barely reavhed 99%. After 3hrs, device without the hexnode app reached 96 and the other only reached 98%. My device has 5000mAH of battery capacity.