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Michelle Hendricks
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Are you looking to offer a safe browsing experience for the users in your organization?

Introducing Hexnode Kiosk browser for Android devices.

This new secure browser from Hexnode’s stable lets you limit browsing to a list of websites approved by the organization. You can essentially lock down devices to one or more websites and there’s a ton of new customizations to precisely control every aspect of browsing.

Key Features

  1. The browser only opens whitelisted URLs or web apps that are added to the kiosk mode.
  2. Multi tabbed browsing.
  3. Plenty of customizations on toolbar, appearance, JavaScript content, Browsing history, Forms, Hardware and software keys, Location and much more.

Wanna know more about website kiosk? Check out Hexnode MDM Website Kiosk.

Michelle Hendricks
Hexnode MDM

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