EXE to MSI conversion

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Hey, I’m looking for a way to convert EXE files to MSI files. Can anybody suggest a tried and tested method?

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    Hello user. I went through the phase of trying different tools and software to convert EXE installers to MSI a while ago and from my experience https://www.exemsi.com/ is as good as it gets. It’s pretty easy too. All you have to do is:

    • Go to https://www.exemsi.com/download/ and click on the Free Download button. Once downloaded, follow the instructions on the Setup Wizard to proceed with installation.
    • Once installed, open the app and click on the Load Settings button if you want to upload the app’s configuration settings file. If not, click Next.
    • Select the required exe file as input file. In the MSI output file name field, enter the name required for the MSI file. Click Next.
    • Next step is the visibility settings, you may leave it as it is. Click Next.
    • Choose the installation context and security context for the MSI and click Next.
    • Specify the Application Id and Upgrade code. Use the Look up option to select the application ID from the list of applications installed on the device. Click Create New to generate an Upgrade code (Application Id and Upgrade code are required to upgrade or uninstall the app from the device). Click Next.
    • Specify the MSI file properties like product name, version, product icon etc. All of these can be fetched automatically from the exe file or edited manually. Click Next.
    • Provide the parameters for the installer. If you need the app to be installed silently, choose the Advanced option under Install arguments, and provide the silent installation command for the exe app in No UI field. The command will vary from app to app. Eg: /VERYSILENT. Click OK. Click Next.
    • Provide the commands to run before/after installation. Click Next to view a summary of all the options selected so far. (Tip from experience: Don’t ignore the summary, cross check the settings. You can still go back and edit them at this point)
    • Click Build. The output (MSI) file will be created in the path mentioned.