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Can anyone explain about the encryption for laptops? For both Mac and Windows? Is it possible via Hexnode?

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    Hey, Thanks for posting the question.

    Hexnode offers full disc encryption with FileVault for Macs and BitLocker for Windows10.

    FileVault is a full disk encryption program on Macs that encrypts all the information on your device. Once encrypted, the device becomes inaccessible unless a valid recovery key is entered. Additional data added to the device are automatically encrypted as they are saved to the device.
    Click here to know about enabling the FileVault on Mac devices.

    BitLocker for Windows 10 PCs is yet another full volume encryption tool supported by Hexnode that enforces encryption on hard drives for data protection. This mechanism prevents unauthorized data access by encrypting the entire volume on the hard disk.
    Click here to get more info about configuring this on Windows 10 devices.

    Hope this helps!

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM

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    Hi Kason,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Trusted Platform Module is a microchip added to the machine that runs an authentication check on PC’s hardware, software, and firmware. However, BitLocker encryption is also possible on systems that do not have a TPM, but the user will be prompted to plug in the BitLocker USB key every time the system boots.

    Please note that Bitlocker is supported on Windows 10 Pro (v1809+), Enterprise, and Education editions.
    There are 3 methods by which you can check if your device has a compatible TPM:

    Method 1 
    Press Win+R and open Run > Type tpm.msc > Click OK to open the TPM Management snap-in console.
    It will show whether your device has a compatible TPM or not.

    Method 2 
    Press Win+R and open Run > Type tpm.msc > Click OK to open the Device Manager.
    Check to see if you have Security devices listed. If yes, expand Security devices to see if you can see a TPM with its version number.

    Method 3 
    Beginning with Windows 10, version 1803, you can check TPM status in Windows Defender Security Center > Device Security > Security processor details.

    Check out the help link to know more on the same: https://www.hexnode.com/mobile-device-management/help/how-to-manage-bitlocker-with-hexnode-mdm/ 

    Eva Tyler
    Hexnode MDM