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Hello everyone,

I am having issue with my mobile phones , I want to deny my users from switching off cellular data, mobile phone already on supervised mode, but I couldn’t find any way in apple configurator 2 to disable that , I understand I can restrict user from switching off data usage for specific app. but what if he switch off his cellular data ?

I understand its related to airplane mode but the phone won’t go abroad ,

any reply or help would be highly appreciated

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    Frank Clinton


    Hey Mohd, I’m afraid it is not possible to remotely turn off the cellular data in an iOS device as that feature is not feasible.
    You can only restrict cellular data for a particular app.

    Here is how it is done:
    1. Navigate to Policies tab.
    2. Create a New Policy or edit an existing Policy.
    3. Click on the iOS Settings tab.
    4. Select Advanced Restrictions situated on the sidebar to the left and click Configure.
    5. Click on the “Allow app cellular data modifications” option.
    6. Click Save.

    When the “Allow app cellular data modification” is unchecked it restricts apps on the device to use cellular data.

    App cellular data modification

    Frank Clinton
    Hexnode MDM.