Deploying Kiosk Mode – Resetting PC to Default Configuration Following Logout

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I am interested in having our Windows PC Kiosks return to a gold image following user session logouts. This will prevent the installation of Malware or other software on the system that may occur if a user is able to defeat the installation protection. It is the only way to assure there is no persistence between login sessions. Is there a way to roll-back to a gold image following user logout. This is the way Kiosk mode works at FedEx and other locations, such as in hotels around the world.

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  • Hello @gbenoni, welcome to Hexnode Community!

    Hexnode does not provide a way to return to a golden image, as you mentioned, once a kiosk session is terminated. However, we shall raise this with the concerned team and see what can be done at the earliest.

    Please keep the suggestions coming; we truly appreciate them.

    Chloe Edison,
    Hexnode UEM