Create Shortcut to the Hexnode App Catalog

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It is not very intuitive to navigate to the App Catalog created by policy. Essentially you need to know that the catalog is there and how to find it.

It would be nice if we could somehow create an icon in the system tray that would go directly to that catalog listing (something like a “Play Store” icon that when you click would bring you directly to the list of apps).

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    Amy Watson


    Hey Christopher!
    Thanks for getting in touch with us! Our team’s already working on implementing a shortcut of sorts for App catalogs in the Android kiosk lockdown launcher.
    We’ll let the team in on your feature request for the shortcut in the device launcher and we’ll keep you posted with any updates on its ETA.

    Meanwhile, do have a look through the latest feature updates and on what’s cooking here at Hexnode MDM!

    Amy Watson
    Hexnode MDM