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recently we have found employees installing unwanted apps on the managed devices. Is there any way we could get notifications via email if any of my employees install apps on the Android devices?

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    Evin Lee


    Hi @Penelope,

    We currently do not have a feature that notifies the administrator when apps are installed on the user’s device. Instead, you can follow the steps given below to notify the admin when unwanted apps are installed on the device.

    1. Whitelist the apps that are required for business use. All apps other than those on the whitelist are considered as blacklisted apps.
    2. Check the option ‘Device is not application compliant’ under Admin > General Settings > Compliance Settings on the Hexnode portal to mark the device as non-compliant when blacklisted/non-whitelisted apps are installed on the device.
    3. Go to Admin > Notifications, and select ‘Device out of compliance’ to send an email to the admin when the device becomes non-compliant.

    As a result, if a non-whitelisted/blacklisted app is installed on the device, an email is sent to the admin stating that the device has become non-compliant due to the existence of a blacklisted app.

    Hope this helps your query.

    Evin Lee
    Hexnode UEM