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On the main homepage, allow clicking any metric such as “Corporate / BYOD Devices” and show a list of those items. Perhaps clicking on the number itself could allow clicking and showing a list of the related devices.

It would be very useful for those with dozens or hundreds of devices to be able to click on a metric and show the related items for that metric.


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    Amy Watson


    Hey Eric!
    Thanks for reaching out to us!
    We’ve raised it to the team to connect each graph in the dashboard to its corresponding report in the Reports tab. You can then export the report as a PDF or CSV file.

    As of now, this is implemented only for the counts for Enrolled UsersEnrolled DevicesNon-Compliant DevicesNon-Password-Compliant DevicesInactive Devices, and Non-Encrypted Devices.
    Also, each activity in the Activity Feed would redirect to the corresponding device details page as well.

    Do keep an eye out for the latest feature updates and what’s cooking here at Hexnode MDM!

    Amy Watson
    Hexnode MDM