Can’t connect to ec2 instances

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Hi, I tried connecting to the ec2 instances but I’m receiving ‘connection refused’ error. Someone please provide some info on the ec2 IP addresses that need to be whitelisted. I’d also like to know the various firewall rules to enable communication between apple devices and hexnode.

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    Jeff Morrison


    Hey @ninaaaa, thanks for reaching out to us!

    You don’t need to consider EC2 instances to establish communication between your Apple devices and Hexnode. All you’ve to do is whitelist a bunch of URLs on your firewall and ensure to keep the connection to APNs open. To set the record straight once and for all, make sure that the below ports are open for devices to connect to the entire address block, which is assigned to Apple:

    • TCP outbound connection to APNs on port 5223 for devices to receive APNs notifications.
    • TCP port 443 or 2197 to wake up the devices by sending notifications to the APNs server.

    In case you cannot allow connection to the entire address block, use the same ports to allow access to the below network ranges:


    • 2620:149:a44::/48
    • 2403:300:a42::/48
    • 2403:300:a51::/48
    • 2a01:b740:a42::/48



    Have a peek at Hexnode UEM architecture documentation to get the entire list of URLs and ports to ensure seamless device connectivity with Hexnode.

    Hope this answers your query.

    Jeff Morrison
    Hexnode UEM