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I want to install few apps that’s not available in my country’s app store. But I don’t wanna make a complete switch. Do u think it’s possible to download it from another country’s store by changing the country/region or smthng of the sort?

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  • It’s pretty simple really… Just go to the app store setting and click on your profile. You’ll find an option to change the country/region. Here u can just pick the country where the app is available. When the payment page shows up just select ‘None’ and fill in the address. Once the app is installed just switch back to your original country/region. I can tell u that I’ve tried this quite a few times and its been working fine for me till date.

  • Hey @alfie-richard just tried your suggestion and yup it works alright. But here’s the deal though. I am guessing since v r not giving any payment details it wont be possible to install any paid apps? Is there any other way v can install apps that need to be purchased from diff country?

  • I think one way u could do this is to create a second apple id account instead of fiddling with the current settings too much. You can then log out of the current id and log in with the new apple id as per convenience. This way it becomes easier to switch between app store nations.

    Login to app store with ur new apple id and just put in the required details. On the payment page, since u need to purchase apps u will have to provide a valid billing address and credible payment method compatible with the selected new region.

  • Thank u guys for all the suggestions! Just curious.. So lets say I login with a U.S apple id to download apps from their app store and then switch back to my original U.K apple id. Now will I get regular updates for apps installed via U.S app store?

  • @amber Unless you are signed in with the U.S Apple ID itself, you will not get notified of any available updates via the App store. To update the app log in once again using the same U.S Apple ID you used to download the app.

    Now depending on the apps there might be special instances where you’ll get a notification from the developer if an update is available. Even in that case you’ll have to log in with the Apple ID used to download the app to install the updates.

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    @amber Just wanna add to @ruth that when the app becomes available in uk app store you will start getting notification for ap updates. But then again u will have to log in with the us apple id itself to install the updates. In such situations its best that u re-download the app from ur original apple Id to manage any future updates without having to switch apple ids.