App missing from iWatch paired with managed device

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There are like a few hundred iphones managed by Hexnode. One of the users has his iWatch paired with the managed device. When I configured a multi-app kiosk policy to the devices, the workout app disappeared from the paired iWatch. Is this supposed to be an expected behaviour or is it an issue to be considered?

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    Chris Coleman


    Hey Darin,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    According to Apple’s MDM protocol, certain restrictions that are applied to a managed iOS device can be mirrored on a paired Apple Watch. Hence, if you apply a kiosk policy to an iOS device, it could result in some of the applications disappearing from the corresponding paired Apple watch.

    However, if your requirement was to restrict a set of applications in the iOS device, you could blacklist the required applications on the device. Blacklisting can be considered as a workaround so that none of the applications will get hidden in your paired Apple watches.

    Hope this clears your query.

    Chris Coleman
    Hexnode UEM