App installation failing when done through Hexnode

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Hey, I have been trying to install the TeamViewer app via Hexnode on a fewMacBooks, but unable to do so. The action history displays that the installation failed with Error code 1009. The app gets installed if done manually on the device. The issue is persistent with this app only, I am able to install other apps via Hexnode with ease. Any workaround for this?

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    Hey @conner-shaw I had faced the same issue. Checked the devices that showed this error. Seems like this error shows up on devices that already have the app installed. Try uninstalling the apps and pushing them via Hexnode again.


  • Hey, @conner-shaw!

    Thank you for choosing Hexnode!

    As @emersyn conveyed, the error appears when either the same or a higher version of the application is already installed on the device. In such cases, although the application is pushed to the device, it is not installed and requires manual intervention. We recommend that you ensure that the concerned application is uninstalled from the device. If the issue persists, some source files may be present on the device causing the error and deleting them should resolve the issue.

    You can also deploy a script to uninstall the app completely using Hexnode’s custom script feature.

    Feel free to reach out to us for any queries!

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    Eren Schwarz
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