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Hey there!

Im new to the Hexnode community. I hope I post my queries right.

I pushed the APN configurations with MVNO settings for Android devices.

On SM-J415GN and Galaxy S8 devices, the APN policy is not getting applied. But, the same policy works on SM-T570.

Just wondering anyone cud help me with it!

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    Catherine George


    Hi @graham-cz,

    Welcome to Hexnode Connect,

    The APN policy is not applied to SM-J415GN and Galaxy S8 devices successfully because they operate on Knox 3.3 or below. The MVNO settings for the Android VPN policy work only on Android 9+ devices running Samsung Knox 3.4+.

    Try applying the APN policy containing the MVNO settings to the supported devices only.


    Catherine George
    Hexnode UEM