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Hello guys, I have been searching for a device in the devices section to assign a password policy but can’t seem to find it. My partner is confident the device was present in the portal before as he had enrolled the devices through abm. Is this a glitch in the portal, I tried refreshing the page several times but no change… is anyone else facing the problem

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  • Hi @trey,
    Thanks for reaching out to us.
    I see that @ly has beat us to it and suggested a good method to confirm if your device was disenrolled. Thank you.

    Disenrolled DEP devices are deleted from the portal but not from your ABM account. To re-enroll your DEP devices back into the portal,

    1. Sign in to your ABM account and select the device from the Devices section.
    2. Click on Edit Device Management, and from the dropdown menu, find Hexnode MDM Server.
    3. Click on Continue to assign the device to the Hexnode server.

    On the portal, navigate to Enroll > All Enrollments > No-Touch > Apple Business/School Manager > DEP Devices. Click Sync with DEP to sync devices from your Apple Business Manager account to the Hexnode server. Now, the device will appear under DEP Devices. To associate a configuration profile to the device, select the device from the list and click Associate DEP Profile. Then, select the required configuration profile from the dropdown menu and click Assign.

    On a new device, the configuration profile is pushed to the device when the user turns on the device for the first time automatically enrolling the device. For devices already in use, these configurations will be applied following a factory reset. After the device is enrolled, the device will be listed under Devices in the Manage tab.

    Hope that helps your query.
    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM