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@monty, Web Content Filtering is supported only on Android 6+ Samsung devices with Knox SDK 2.6+. It works on all browsers including Google Chrome.

@edmund, I cannot pinpoint your requirements from your query. As you have mentioned about “phones” I am assuming it’s either Android mobiles or iPhones.

We have several methods to whitelist websites depending on your requirement. I will explain each method here.

For iOS devices –

iOS has a native method to blacklist/whitelist websites throughout the entire device across all managed browsers. This can be achieved by configuring a Web Content Filtering policy and applying it to supervised iOS 7+ devices.

iOS devices support this feature only if they are supervised and the browsers installed are managed. In a non-supervised device, these configurations will not be applied and the user will be allowed to surf all websites using Safari or any other unmanaged browser.

For Android devices –

Supported apps in Android devices enrolled in Android Enterprise can be managed using App Configurations.
Google Chrome for Android provides support for app configurations. Find the following fields while setting up

App Configuration for Google Chrome-

  1. Block access to a list of URLs – Here, you can specify all the URLs that must be blocked. As you are planning to whitelist, you need to block all websites. The wildcard, asterisk (*) can be used for this purpose. Passing the asterisk symbol in the “Block access to a list of URLs” field will block all websites other than the ones allowed in the “Allow access to a list of URLs” field.
  2. Allow access to a list of URLs – Here, you can define exceptions to the blocked URLs. Type the URL’s that you need to access/whitelist.

Now, save the configuration and apply the policy to the required devices. Google Chrome will be locked to the specified list of websites.

Do remember that these configurations are application-specific. Other browsers will not be affected by these configurations and hence will be able to access the restricted websites.

If you have an Android 6+ Samsung Knox device with customization SDK 2.6+, you can use the Web Content Filter policy to whitelist or blacklist the websites throughout all browsers in the device.

On Knox devices with lower versions or on devices that are not enrolled in Android Enterprise, Google Chrome cannot be used to achieve this functionality. Hexnode provides specialized browsers that support URL whitelisting. This method, however, requires you to lock your device in a Kiosk mode using Hexnode UEM. The devices will be confined to a set of specified apps and websites. You will have to create Web Apps first and then assign the Web Apps in the Kiosk Mode. Now, you can set up Website Kiosk Settings using Hexnode Browser Lite or Hexnode Kiosk Browser to configure other websites to be whitelisted. Also, only add the required apps in the kiosk and never add any other browsers as they will be able to access the restricted URLs.

Now, the Hexnode browser will be configured with the required settings and the users will only be able to access the whitelisted apps.

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Hexnode UEM.