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Deborah TimothyDeborah Timothy
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Hello Cynthia-liz

Thank you for reaching out to us. Here is the general format for giving the sites that need to be blocked or allowed:


  • Scheme is an optional field and usually refers to https, http, ftp, chrome etc. It must be followed by //.
  • Dot (.) is prefixed before host to filter the sites with the exact hostname. It is an optional prefix.
  • Host is a required field whose value is an IP address or a hostname. It can also take * as its value. This will block all URLs other than the one mentioned in Allow access to a list of URLs.
  • Port is an optional field that takes a value between 1 and 65535.
  • Path is an optional field that can take any string value.
  • Query is an optional parameter that contains a set of key-value and key-only tokens delimited by ‘&’.

You might find these examples useful:
"", "", "", "http://server:8080/path", "", "file://*"

Deborah Timothy
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