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AvatarNora Lang
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Good morning @Alondra, thank you for letting us know your concern.

Yes, the HexnodeAgent is automatically installed on Windows devices when it is enrolled in Hexnode using the Hexnode Installer app. You can automate the update of the agent app and other Hexnode apps on your devices with the help of the Hexnode Update Helper. To ensure automatic agent app update, go to Admin > General Settings > Hexnode Update Helper and make sure that the option “Update Hexnode apps silently on Windows devices” is checked. Note that the default configuration of this option is checked. Once this is done, the app will be automatically updated.

Additional Note: Custom script can only be executed on Windows devices enrolled in Hexnode using the Hexnode Installer app. If you have a device enrolled via the native “/enroll” method on which you have to execute the script, please re-enroll the device using the Hexnode Installer app.

Hope this helps!
Nora lang
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