Reply To: Uninstall apps in iPhone

Shawn PayneShawn Payne

Hey there!

It looks like you could use some help @agnes. But I would require some more information.

  1. Device models and software version.
  2. Are the devices supervised? If not, can you have them supervised?
  3. Could you be more specific on how the apps were installed? Did you use Hexnode UEM to remotely push your apps, or did you install the apps manually via App Store?

I guess I will be able to assist you once I have these details.

@lucy, the option to “Uninstall” apps will only be present if the app is Managed.
@agnes, the reason you can only find the “Manage” option is that the app you are trying to uninstall is Unmanaged. You can convert the app to be managed first and then uninstall the app.

Have an awesome day!
Shawn Payne.