Reply To: Access Camera Permissions in iOS in Single App Kiosk Mode

AvatarRobert Smith
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Hope you are doing well.

The information related to the camera and microphone permission for the Hexnode app mentioned in the help link would only be applicable if Hexnode Browser lite is chosen as the default option for Web App kiosk mode on iOS.

To configure this, on your Hexnode MDM dashboard, please head into Policies > Kiosk Settings > iOS Kiosk Lockdown > Web App >  open web app with > Hexnode Browser Lite (single / multi-web app kiosk). The permission for the camera cannot be granted in case the web apps are set to open in the Safari browser.

Once the Hexnode MDM application is installed on the device, the prompt for permission (such as for the camera, location, etc.) should pop up when you open the Hexnode application for the first time. If for some reason, the permission was denied, you may have to enable this from the Settings > Hexnode MDM. Hope this helps.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any queries.

Bob Smith
Hexnode MDM