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Chris ColemanChris Coleman
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Hey Raquel,

Thank you for reaching out to us!

Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment is a zero-touch enrollment method introduced by Samsung, exclusively for Knox-enabled devices. The user just has to switch on their devices and connect to the internet to enroll their devices into an MDM solution.

The following are the key advantages of the Samsung KME method:

  • Bulk enrollment of devices.
  • Automatic installation and activation of the MDM profile.
  • Auto re-enrollment of the devices even if they are erased and factory reset.
  • Supports multiple MDM configurations per account.

Pre-requisites for the Samsung KME method:

  • A Samsung account.
  • A Knox portal account.
  • Samsung devices running Knox version 2.4 and higher for Device Admin enrollment and Knox version 2.8 and higher for Android Enterprise (Device Owner) enrollment.
  • An MDM/EMM/UEM solution like Hexnode UEM that supports Samsung KME.
  • A KME supported browser.
  • Firewall exemptions needed to extend beyond the network domain and connect to the KME server.

Hope this answers your query.

Chris Coleman
Hexnode UEM