Using testing track for Managed Google Apps

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I have a private published on Play Store using a non-hexnode developer account. I’ve added the organization ID (Admin -> Android Enterprise) to the list of allowed organizations in Play console (Release -> Setup -> Advanced settings -> Managed Google Play -> Organizations). I can then see the app from hexnode, in the Apps section: Add Apps -> Managed Google Apps -> Search Play Store.

Now I want to use a closed testing track for that app. I’ve created a new closed testing track, published a release and added the same organization ID in the Testers tab. Note that I left the rest of the Testers section empty (email list, google group), it’s unclear whether I should add something, I figured adding the organization ID would be sufficient. When rolling out, a dialog pops up telling me the release will be visible to organizations having access to the private app.

What I’m struggling with is how I can make hexnode use that testing track. When trying to add the app, I only see the production build.

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  • Hello @ml ,

    Welcome to Hexnode Community!

    We understand the issue, but unfortunately, Hexnode UEM does not provide an option to deploy the test tracks of applications alongside their production builds. We shall raise this concern with the respective team and see what can be done at the earliest.

    Feel free to contact us in case of further queries or suggestions.

    Chloe Edison,
    Hexnode UEM