Push content into iTunes library using Hexnode

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Hi, i was wondering if it is possible to push content into iTunes library using Hexnode ?

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    Sorry Monte,

    But we do not have a content management feature right now. We are planning to bring this feature real soon.

    Thanks and regards
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    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    The organization will be able to deploy files such as documents, apps, videos, etc. to the target devices using Hexnode. The file will get downloaded to the device without any user intervention. The organization will also be capable of deleting the deployed file from the device, thus ensuring security, even if the device is compromised.
    Follow the below steps for transferring the file to devices:

    1. Login to the portal and navigate to Admin-> File Management.
    2. Click on Choose Files, select the file to be deployed and click on Upload. The file is now added to the Hexnode repository.
    3. Navigate to Policies-> Android-> File Management. Click Configure. 
    4. Enter policy name, description for the policy, location to which the file is to be sent and a name for the file to be sent to the specified location.
    5. Click on Add. 
    6. Associate targets and save the policy.

    The files will be found at the specified location. On the deletion of the policy, the file will get removed from the device.

    Need more info? Check out transferring files to devices using Hexnode.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM