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Hi, we’re having a problem with our tablets while accessing Outlook. Outlook itself works perfectly, however when attempting to click on links or attachments the Outlook app closes and nothing else opens. When we re-open the app, it flashes on screen for a second then closes. The only way to then bring the app back up is to restart the device.Is there a way to set the default application the tablet will use for file formats? We have the required applications installed to open these links/attachments and they function when accessed directly.

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    Hi Khalid,

    Although you had whitelisted Outlook, to be used within Kiosk, you might not have a web browser or document viewer whitelisted to open the links and attachments.

    So, here’s what you do.

    1. Go to Policies and click open your Kiosk policy
    2. Select Android settings > Kiosk mode
      You will see the list of whitelisted apps including Outlook
    3. Search and add the browser in which you want to open the links
    4. Now, search and add the document viewer or other apps you want the attachments to be opened in.

    If you Save the policy now, the newly whitelisted apps too will be available in the Kiosk mode. If you want the apps to be used for opening email links/attachments and nothing else, then you should consider hiding those apps. When a whitelisted app is hidden, the icon would disappear from the Kiosk screen and users can no longer launch the apps directly.

    To hide the apps,

    1. Click on the More options icon (three vertical dots), to the right of each app and select Hide Icon
    2. A . ⃠   symbol will show up indicating the app has been hidden
    3. Do this for all the other apps you want to hide from the Kiosk screen

    Now, Save the policy. You should now be able to open email links and attachments without any hitch.

    If you had already set defaults for an app, say, you had chosen Google PDF viewer as the default app to view PDF attachments and you want to change it to Adobe Reader, then, just whitelisting Adobe Reader wouldn’t be enough. You should clear the defaults for Google PDF viewer, first, and here’s how you do that.

    On the tablet,

    1. Exit Kiosk mode and open Settings > Apps
    2. Scroll down to Google PDF viewer and tap on it to open the app settings
    3. Select Open by default and tap on Clear defaults

    You can now Activate Kiosk mode again. When you open a PDF attachment for the first time, choose Adobe Reader and tap on the Always use confirmation to set it as the new default viewer.

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