My device says it’s non-compliant and inactive.What is the reason?

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Hey there. Good morning. I have a question about one of my devices. It says it’s non-compliant and inactive. Is that just because it hasn’t been turned on for a while, or did someone remove the hexnode software? do you know? thank you!!!

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    Hey Eric,

    If your device has not been scanned for the particular number of days as specified under Admin > MDM Settings, your device will be marked as “inactive”.
    If your device does not meet any of the compliance requirements it will be marked as “non-compliant”.
    Some of the reasons why your device is noted as non-compliant are as follows:
    • Device might have blacklisted apps in it.
    • Device might not have met passcode rules.
    • Device might not have the mandatory apps installed in it.

    Have a look at this forum topic for additional info regarding Compliance issues.

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