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Can someone tell does HExnode have capabilities for analyzing app data usage for Android devices. We want to set up data usage tracking for some apps like Telegram so that our users cannot incur additional data charge downloading large volume of unnecessary data.

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  • Hi @Kardal, yes, you can track app-wise data usage and set usage limits for Android devices and specific apps from Hexnode UEM.

    To do this, you first need to configure a policy with the Network Data Usage Management payload from Policy > Android > Network Data Usage Management > App-wise Restrictions. Add the required apps and set tracking or restriction conditions as per your need (follow the Help Center documentation). Associate this policy with your devices.

    Note: In order to enable data-usage tracking with Hexnode, Prompt to activate VPN or Prompt to activate VPN while in kiosk should be turned on for the devices from Admin > General Settings > Data Restriction (Android). The user should activate VPN from the Hexnode app, and no other VPN policy should be configured for the device.

    To view the data usage metrics for a certain device, navigate to Manage > Devices > [Your device] > Data Management, you’ll find the overall data usage and app-wise data usage details along with the app-wise wi-fi/mobile data consumption details for the selected period (you may set the options as – This Month, Last 7 days, Today, Yesterday or Custom).

    You can view the report on app-wise data usage pattern for all your tracked devices from one place by visiting Reports > Data Management Reports > Apps. You can also schedule this report to be periodically mailed to your inbox at a specified interval.

    Zach Goodman
    For Hexnode UEM

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 9 months ago by  Zach Goodman.
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    I had a few doubts regarding data management. I had configured data management policy to a few of my devices, and in some of the devices the Play Store is utilizing a lot of data (around 2 GB). I was going through the Action History, and one of the app installations was getting re-initiated multiple times with an error message saying that it is not compatible with the device. Could this be the reason for the excessive data consumption?

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    Actually the device is enrolled as Android Enterprise (Device Owner). The user will not be able to install any applications other than the ones pushed from the portal. Also, I have only pushed only a few applications from the portal and it definitely wont add up to 2 GB. Could there be any other reasons?

  • Hey Birgitta,

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    First of all, you will not incur any data loss when the installation of an application fails because it is not supported on a device. This is because the device compatibility check occurs in the portal, and the app will not be pushed to the device if it is incompatible.

    The Google Play Store consumes background data for the following cases:

    1. Updating Managed app
    2. Updating Google Play services
    3. Updating core apps like Google Play Store

    All of the updates mentioned above takes place on the device without asking the user for any consent. Therefore, if any of these updates occur on your devices, it could result in the Google Play Store consuming additional data in the background.

    Hope this clears your query!

    Chris Coleman
    Hexnode UEM