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Very hard to read the report because it is sorted by most recent check-in.  If we want to see where all our users were at a certain time, or at least the MOST RECENT location of each, the report would be useful

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    Frank Clinton


    Hey Tyler! This seems to be a good add-on to our product, I’ll notify the team and include it in our roadmap. For now, there is something you can do to view all the location check-ins of a particular user, to do that:

    1. Navigate to Management tab.
    2. Click on the Users tab and select the user you require.
    3. Click on the Locations tab, then you would be able to view the location details of the user.


    You can view our latest feature releases here: 

    Frank Clinton
    Hexnode MDM.

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    Logging in and looking at each user’s location history is not good for large amounts of users

    We need to be able to view a daily GPS summary grouped by user

    Any update or timeframe for this?

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    Amy Watson


    Hey Tyler!
    Thank you for your response! Our team’s working on bringing in ‘Custom Reports’, wherein you could customize/filter out the report you desire.
    For now, you could play around with the filter within Reports > Location Reports > Location History.

    Reports filter

    Export the report in PDF or CSV formats, or schedule them to be received via email, once you’re done.

    Stay tuned for the latest feature updates and on what’s cooking here at Hexnode MDM!

    Amy Watson
    Hexnode MDM