Get install prompt on the device when I install an vpp app

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What do I get an “install” prompt on the device when I install an vpp app?

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    Hi Lawrence,

    If you are installing an app to a supervised iOS device, then you’ll not get an “install” prompt. The app will be installed silently to the device.

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    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Supervision enables more control over the devices.
    The features such as Single App Mode, Block iBookstore and iMessages, Disallow Host Pairing, Activation Lock Bypass, Web Content Filtering, Silent App Installation, Prevent Cloud Sync, Enhanced blacklisting, etc can be enabled only on supervised devices. The features that can be enabled will also depend upon the iOS version.

    Need more info? Check out List of iOS Supervised mode features by version. 

    Grace Baker
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