Disable ‘Find My Mac’ and ‘Back to My Mac’ for Big Sur and higher OS versions

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Currently, Hexnode only supports the ‘find my mac’ restriction for devices between macOS 10.12 to macOS 10.14.6 and the ‘Back to My Mac’ option only for devices below macOS 10.14. Any workarounds to restrict these options for Macs with higher OS versions?

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    To restrict ‘Find my mac’, you can create custom configuration profile using iMazing Profile Editor and deploy them via Hexnode. Create and save a configuration profile enabling the ‘Disable Find My iCloud Setting’ option (DisableFMMiCloudSetting) under the ‘iCloud Find My’ payload. You can also uncheck the option ‘Allow iCloud Find my Mac’ (allowCloudFMM) under the Restrictions payload to restrict find my mac. Now, deploy the profile using Hexnode’s custom configuration feature. This will disable toggling the Find my Mac option in the device’s iCloud settings.

    Regarding the ‘Back to My Mac’ restriction, Apple has stopped support for this setting since rolling out Mojave. Check this Apple support page:


    If you’re looking to restrict file sharing between devices, there’s an option to disable icloud drive in iMazing which will prevent files from being uploaded to iCloud automatically.

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    Here’s the .plist file content to restrict ‘Find my Mac’:

    You can upload this using the ‘Deploy Custom Configuration’ feature in Hexnode policies.

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    @Smedt Thanks for the .plist file! I deployed the profile on few of our devices but it looks like it just grays out the option. Device that had the find my mac setting toggled on still have it on. Has anyone found a way to remotely toggle the setting OFF?