Command deployed via the Live Terminal does not take effect on the device

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I was trying to deploy the command softwareupdate –verbose -i -a to my macOS device to update its OS version to the latest one. And I had attempted the deployment using Hexnode’s Live Terminal feature. But the command appears stuck in the downloading stage and isn’t progressing any further.

I tried to deploy the same command from the device end, and it updated right away.

I would prefer deploying the command via Live Terminal because of its ease. Is there a way to solve this issue?



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  • Hey @Zayne,

    The download might be taking time because of the large size of the OS update. Maybe because you’re not able to see the download progress in Live Terminal unlike in the device’s Terminal, you are assuming that the download action is stuck.

    Try deploying the command again in Live Terminal and wait for a few hours to see if the device OS gets updated.