Change credit card details in VPP

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My company has switched banks and they have issued new credit card. I want to remove the old card from vpp and add the new one so that i can purchase apps. Where can I change?

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  • Hexnode

    Shawn Payne


    Hey Avery.

    The credit card and other billing information can be updated using your Apple Business Manager account. Please follow these steps.

    1. Login to your account in the Apple Business Manager.
    2. Click on the “Settings” option on the bottom-left corner of your screen.
    3. Click on “Apps and Books” under “Personal Settings”. Please do not be confused by the “Apps and Books” under “Content”.
    4. Find “My Billing Information”.
    5. If you have configured a payment method previously, click “Edit”. If you are configuring a payment method for the first time, click “Add”.
    6. Billing details including credit card information can now be added or edited. Make the necessary changes by updating your credit card details.
    7. Click “Save”.

    Now you will be able to use the new credit card to make payments for your VPP purchases. Hope that was useful.

    Shawn Payne.
    Hexnode UEM