Browsing session on Edge gets terminated when set in Single App Kiosk mode

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Hello everyone,

We have a few Windows devices running on Windows 10 and 11. Our organization conducts a weekly test called PIT (Personality Improvement Test) for our employees. We have assigned these Windows devices for the PIT purpose and want them to run in kiosk mode so that they will only run the test website and nothing else. We chose Microsoft Edge to run in kiosk mode and deployed it via Hexnode.

The problem is that whenever the kiosk is running, a few devices display a warning message saying, “Ending session in 30 seconds.” We are given two options: either to continue this session or end the session. If nothing is clicked, the entire browsing session is reset. Clicking on “continue session” is not a big deal, but it is really disturbing for users taking the test. Is there a way to bypass this issue somehow?

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