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Hi, Benjamin.

Scan Device Location should ideally fetch the device location in under a minute, if not seconds. The occasional delay in getting the device location means either the device is having network connectivity issues or that GPS location services has not been enabled on the device.

To get more information on the location scan,

  1. Click on the Bell icon next to the Actions button
  2. Actions log will pop up
  3. Tap See more down below
  4. If you see the Action pending for quite a while, it’s mostly network connectivity issues at the device end.
  5. If you see Action failed, move mouse pointer over the status ‘failed’
  6. Actions summary
  7. You will see one of the following notifications
    1. Device Offline
    2. Location tracking has not been enabled for this device
    3. Google Play service not enabled
    4. Unable to retrieve location
    5. Check if Location services are enabled on the device
    6. Location services have been disabled by user
    7. User denied access to location
    8. Location data unreliable (from Mock location app)

This info will help you diagnose and resolve the issue from the device end.

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