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AvatarAmy Watson

Hey Christian!
Thank you for reaching out to us!
I’m afraid it’s not feasible to force enable mobile data on Android devices. It can be disabled via policy restriction on Samsung Knox, LG GATE, and Kyocera business phones alone from Policies > New Policy > Android > Restrictions > Allow Network Settings > Mobile data. Once disabled via policy, mobile data would remain disabled even after the policy is removed off the devices. It’d have to be manually enabled.

An alternative we’d suggest is configuring multiple open Wi-Fi networks from Policies > New Policy > Android > Networks > Wi-Fi (Security type – None) and push it to the devices. This way, even if the devices are out of any of the previously configured Wi-Fi networks’ coverage, a Wi-Fi hotspot can be set up with any of the configured SSID, and the device can be brought online. If you have any safety concerns, once you have the devices back in hand online, you can delete the Wi-Fi profile used and use another one the next time around.
Hope this helps!

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Amy Watson
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