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AvatarJohan Blake
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Hi @pauel,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Currently, Hexnode UEM does not offer the feature to automatically clear the app data on Android devices. This is a great feature recommendation, and we will check with our developers to deliver the feature at the earliest.

Instead, there is an option to manually clear the app data on Android devices using Hexnode UEM. To access this feature, head over to Manage > Devices > select the required device > Applications and search for the Firefox application. Click on the settings icon corresponding to the application, which opens a dropdown menu. Now, select the Clear App Data option from the menu. Confirm the action with your login password when prompted.

To clear data of applications for multiple Android devices simultaneously, navigate to Manage > Devices > select the target devices > Actions > Clear App Data. Select the required applications from the list and click Next. Now, enter the number of selected applications and click Clear Data. When prompted for confirmation, enter your login password.

Hope this clears your query.

Johan Blake
Hexnode UEM