MDM Solution Summary

Behind the amazingly sleek interface,Hexnode MDM packs a powerful punch

Hexnode MDM Solution

Hexnode MDM is a powerful solution to monitor, manage and secure mobile devices across the enterprise.
  • Manage a few, dozens, hundreds or even thousands of devices with ease.
  • Monitor and track everything from a centralized dashboard.
  • Remotely set up device configurations on the user devices.
  • Selectively restrict device functionalities.
  • Provision, deploy and manage mobile applications.
  • Check and enforce compliance across the entire device fleet.
  • Precisely document security and compliance through a wide array of reports.
mobile device management software overview

Process flow

MDM process flow


With Hexnode MDM, managing your mobile device becomes a well choreographed dance. You start by enrolling the user devices. Users can be invited in bulk via email or you can ditch email altogether and let them enroll directly from the portal. Users are securely authenticated against their AD logins or OTPs.


Enrollment through AD means you already have the users organized into their respective AD groups. Else, you can create custom user or device groups for easier management. Dynamic grouping simplifies things further, by eliminating the need to manually add devices. Just pick out the criteria for a group say, you chose 'Ownership – BYOD' and each newly enrolled BYOD device will be automatically added to that group.



Once you have your group, you might want to set up the corporate email and Wi-Fi or restrict certain features like camera and YouTube. That's when the policies come in handy. You can create a policy with countless device configurations and restrictions and associate it to any group. On the devices, these configurations get set up as if to appear out of nowhere. Applications get restricted too in the blink of an eye. A host of app management functions can be carried out likewise. Blacklisting apps and provisioning mandatory apps for users can be achieved through policy without breaking a sweat.  



As the polices are set up, the auto compliance kicks in, so you don't have to manually check for compliance every now and then. Hexnode MDM continuously monitors your devices and alerts you instantly, whenever a device falls out of compliance. Securing non-compliant devices don't get any simpler either. Hexnode MDM shows the exact compliance issues and lets you take quick actions to resolve them. A wide range of reports and analytics help you understand and document your compliance status at all times. 
Any amount of feature description wouldn't begin to capture the ease and simplicity Hexnode MDM brings to Mobility Management. You're gonna have to try out and see for yourself. You'll find we weren't exaggerating one bit.

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